My Accounts Online

My Accounts On-Line

Dakota West Credit Union’s My Accounts On-Line provides real-time access to your accounts anywhere, any time.

Enrollment Instructions 

 First Time Users:

1. Request a First Time User PIN from a Dakota West Credit Union Branch Office

2. Go To:


4. Click My Accounts On-Line.

5. Go to box: New Internet My Accounts Online User and click on SETUP YOUR INFO

6. Enter your Dakota West Credit Union Member Number.

7. Enter your first PIN provided by DWCU

8. Enter Random Code and click NEXT

9. Accept Terms & Conditions

10. Choose/Create three (3) security questions

11. Create a security key:  Enter word or phrase that you will recognize (This will help ensure you are entering Dakota West Credit Union’s legitimate website.)

12. Set up your e-mail

13. When prompted, change password

14. Welcome to My Accounts On-Line.


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